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Tamara- 22. Musician, voice actor. Homestuck, One Piece, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Kill La Kill, etc. Look for me at AX and Otakon!

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Artist: totalspiffage

Track: 8R8K

Plays: 19,111

8R8K (A Scourge Fansong) - Download

Thanks to windpriest for the art!

I really wanted to explore Terezi’s personal guilt for killing someone as close to her as Vriska was and how it affected her descent in more recent update.

Blue blood stains my blade
The soft noise that you made in pain
The smell of death that covered what was yours
I try to wipe away
the guilt that plagues me in the day
That keeps the dreams from coming when I sleep

My eyesight may have healed but I have not
The balance is all off now you are gone
I know that I stopped a big mistake
But I never thought that I would see(make) you break

Cold hands punish me
Leave their bruises ruthlessly
The punishment is just I tell myself
This is not good for me
But I can’t seem to stop you see
I’m addicted to the way he makes me bleed
Though I know that I cannot undo my deed

I can’t remember the smell of your blood
The vision dulled that sense so it feels it’s gone for good
I would give anything to have you back again
And this time I’d forgo justice all to save a friend
But there’s no course of action I can take
I’ll just hope that someday soon I too will break

Posted on 30th Mar 2013 at 7:59pm with 2,485 notes
Tagged as #terezi pyrope #vriska serket #scourge sisters #team scourge #homestuck #my music
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